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Congratulations, on saying yes to your Dream of owning your own beauty biz!!!! 

I am sure you are ready to create the successful business you have been dreaming of. Creating a successful profitable business takes more than just doing amazing hair and creating a special environment for your guest.


I am sure you are like most owners we decided to open up our own salon because we are freaking amazing at our craft, and know exactly what we want to create for our guests. However, on the business end of it, we may still need a little assistance. That is where we come in at Divine,  you are in business for yourself

but you do not have to do it alone.

Karen Hardee owner of Divine Salon Suites is here to mentor you to create the beauty biz of your Dreams. Creating a successful business that is full of your ideal guest, that is profitable, and create a balance in your business so that you do not miss out on special moments with the people you love the most is what she is most passionate about.

Having the success for herself in her own business creating a 7 figure business, even behind the chair creating amazing hair, being a wife and a mom. So yes she knows exactly what it takes and how to make it all happen.


If you are ready to monetize and learn how to scale your business to 6 figures in your first year, then click below and get a strategy call with Karen can share with you how she can mentor you to create a 

Successful Business Faster than on your own.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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