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Creating Your Future

Be In Business for Yourself, Not By Yourself.

What sets Divine Salon Suites apart........


Divine Salon Suites was built with you in mind, from a salon owner and still is behind the chair. She gets what is needed for you to create the atmosphere suite for you and your guest. 
Divine Salon Suites are gorgeous, convenient, affordable and much more…


A few perks of having
a suite......


When you become part of the Divine Salon Suites family, you join the ranks of the health & beauty industry's most honored and respected professionals - those few individual pioneers, leaders, visionaries and entrepreneurs that have made it to the point in their careers to own their own business. Divine is honored to be part of your business success. 


When you move to Divine Salon Suites, you will receive an info packet and salon startup guide which includes our "How To Get Started" booklet that walks you through all the steps it takes to open your own business. Self-confidence, peace of mind, and believing in yourself are all critical parts of your future success. Divine wants your transition to becoming a business owner to be as smooth, comfortable and profitable as possible.


When your clients enter Divine Salon Suites they will immediately experience a world-class interior space plan, timeless salon designs, all combined with unparalleled full spectrum lighting. Divine Salon Suites are thoughtfully designed, beautiful, and luxuarious, but most importantly, built to your high professional expectations.


Professionals at Divine Salon Suites understand continuous education is the most efficient way to improve your skills and expertise. Divine Salon Suites works with all the major brands in the health & beauty industry to conduct seminars and classes whenever possible. Maintaining the highest professional level in your field ensures client loyalty, repeat customers, high demand for your services, and directly leads to more money for you and your business.


If you are ready to take the next step or even want to see what we are all about please email I am ready to learn more to, or fill out the form below.


We are excited to help you achieve your Dream Salon Suite!

Suite Rental Inquiries
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Thank you for inquiring, you will hear back from us within 48 hours to set up a time to connect.

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